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Medical Necessities

Our Company is subject to the distinguished Medical system from some items.

Is One of the Pioneer Companies in Africa and the Middle East.

Eldawlia® "we care"

located in Upper Egypt (Asyut city), 350 km South from Cairo.

Egypt, Assuit, industrial zone,

 Abu Tig.

Eldawlia ® products

established in 2004 to produce medical necessities.

2004 started with syringes,2018 manufacture blood collection tubes (IVAC) and ELDAWLIA stated new plant for suture production in turkey.

Eldawlia® Team

is a Family business Operating in Elzaraby will contribute economically and socially to the surrounding environment and enhance the lives of people.

We have Qualified , Experience and Responsibilities Staff.

Mr. Adel Khalil 


• Allah is watching

Before making decisions, we consider that Allah surround all what we do, and we are make sure of ethical compliance.

• Excellence makes a fortune

A commitment to innovation and excellence in our quality system and customer service.

• Getting reliability

Faith that honesty and integrity are always the best policy, and that trust has to be earned.

WHY Eldawlia® ?


       We Respect Your Schedule ,The Quanitiy and Quality you Need.

 Save Lives.

         Money is Defined as Time and Quality and We Care About Your investement.
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