Dawlia is One of the pioneer companies in Africa and the middle east, established in 2004 to manufacture medical disposables started with conventional syringes passing by self destructive then safety syringes . In order to achieve its growth strategy Eldawlia started new plant for suture production in Turkey implementing both product and geographical diversication. Operating in Egypt and Turkey together is contributing in providing our product and services in the highest quality with the best prices.


Dawlia to be perceived as a trusted global name in the eld of medical supplies, recognized by providing quality & wide spread availability.



To be a pioneer in manufacturing and medical supplies by continuously ensuring the highest global quality standards as well continuous development and training of human resources


Allah is watching Before making decisions, we consider that allah surround all what we do, and we are make sure of ethical compliance.
Excellence makes a future A commitment to innovation and excellence in our quality system and customer service.
Getting reliability Faith that honesty and integrity are always the best policy, and that trust has to be earned.

Eldawlia® “We Care”


Located in Upper Egypt (Asyut city), 350 km South from Cairo. Center : Egypt, Assuit, industrial zone, Abu Tig. Departmen : Turkey, Istanbul, Başakşehir. Our Company is subject to the distinguished Medical system from some items. Is One of the Pioneer Companies in Africa and the Middle East

Eldawlia® Products


Established in 2004 to produce medical necessities. 2004 started with syringes,2018 manufacture blood collection tubes (IVAC) and ELDAWLIA stated new plant for suture production in turkey.

Eldawlia® Team


Eldawlia is a Family business Operating in Elzaraby and Istanbul will contribute economically and socially to the surrounding environment and enhance the lives of people. We have Qualified , Experience and Responsibilities Staff.