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Manufacturing ico medical Necessities:

Our company is subject to the distinguished medical system from these items:


A- Processing of buildings and clean rooms that are carried out different stages of production,
conditions and specifications provided by the international standard specifications for the manufacture of medical.
B-Raw Materials: The company selects the raw materials which has special specifications and specific
in the medical field and are tested all the physical and chemical tests, microbiological necessary to
ensure the safety of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process.
C-keeping raw materials in special warehouses depending on the nature of each article to make sure
their safety when used The plant.
D-(Stores the intermediary product - Department of injections - Printing Division - Department of
assembly-Department of Packaging - Packaging Division - Department of sterilization - stores the final
product - Department of laboratories).
E-All these sections are working with the latest machines is supervised by a team of cadres in this field
and work on the basis of international standards.
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