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Eldawlia® is one of the largest manufacturers in the sector of medical necessities in the Middle East.
Our production capacity is 600 Million and plus syringes per year.

Eldawlia® employs 430+ high caliber people from the area and work  fiercely to ensure training and
 development to give birth to  the most qualified staff in this business.

Eldawlia® is CE-Mark certified since 2009.

We are committed to use the latest technology in syringe manufacturing injection, printing, assembling, 
packing and
sterilizing machines.

All are working hard to put Eldawlia® and Upper Egypt on the worldwide business map.

We started the completely manufacturing of the Third Generation of Syringe "Destructive syringe

 (Safety Syringe)

" which consider the safest technology in syringe and anew development as it is destroyed immediately 

after the correct use also we are the only company in Middle East have the right to manufacturing this type.

Also in 2011 we started the completely manufacturing of fixed Insulin Syringe.

We believe in the importance of the arrival of our country, and the world is free from the disease

 of C virus and all diseases that are transmitted for reasons of the special possibility of using the medical

product more than once or the result of error in disposal of the product after use, we decided

 to our company is specialized in the manufacture of syringes medical (Syringes) to manufacture other type 

 of syringes safer and offer to the market so that we cannot contribute to provide  the highest standards of safety for the patient and for medical care.


Is to establish Eldawlia® as a trusted global name in the field of medical devices, recognized by providing quality & innovative care with complete awareness of our customers' needs & wide spread availability. And most importantly SAVE LIVES.


• Allah is watching

Before making decisions, we consider that Allah surround all what we do, and we are make sure of ethical compliance.

• Excellence makes a fortune

A commitment to innovation and excellence in our quality system and customer service.

• Getting reliability

Faith that honesty and integrity are always the best policy, and that trust has to be earned.

Is to enrich lives all over the world with products of international standards to eliminate suffering and deaths resulting from unsafe injections. We are committed to serve dedicatedly in the development and deployment of safety medical devices and to work for a healthy and consistent growth of all our partners.

Company Timeline:

2004 Start-up in Production Building “A”

2006 Add 10ml Tools

2008 Add Insulin Tools

2009 New Production Building “B” (3,000 m2)

CE-Mark Certification

2010 Introduction of Safety Syringes

2011 Add Insulin (Fixed) Tools and Automated Production Line

2012 Production Building “C” (3,000 m2)

2014 Local Market Leader (Est. Share 35%)

Start Export Activities

Re-Branding (NEW LOGO)

2015 Establish New Clean Room (1,200 m2).

2016 ​Add auto-disable technology 0.5, 3, 5 and 10 ml.

2018 Add ivac and isuture

ICO® the only Company in Middle East producing safety syringe. We seek the largest percentage point gain in Egypt market share among medical suppliers and also a strong market presence in the rapidly growing African market.

Company strengths

  • High trained and qualified Technical Staff
  • Strong Network of Suppliers and Distributors
  • Steady Grow in the Market
  • Strong Financing Capabilities 

Competitive advantages:

  • Highest quality of European needles.
  • Availability all syringes sizes.
  • The best prices ever.
  • Sol-producer of self-destructive syringe in Middle East.
  • Sol-producer of uni-body insulin syringe in Egypt.
  • Highest level of customer services.

Email: info@medical-ico.com                                                                                Follow:  FaceBook